6 Signs a Young Woman Isn’t Into You

You have spent much time trying to get a young woman to take interest in your conversation, hobbies, and other things you like about your life. You may have dedicated much time and money to what the young woman wants, yet she still acts unappreciative. Her behavior is turning you off these days, and as much as you might like the way she looks, you are ready to call it quits. Maybe your gut instinct is right, she isn’t your type, but to be sure that she really isn’t into you, pay closer attention to her mannerisms.

One. She doesn’t make eye contact.
When she avoids your eyes is it because she didn’t like what you said, ask her. If she finds everyone else interesting but what is coming out of your mouth, test her, encourage her to contribute to the conversation by asking her opinion. If she doesn’t say too much, there is a good possibility she isn’t interested in the subject matter and not necessarily you. However, if this happens frequently, then take her behavior personally, and move on. She might have some personal issues or simply doesn’t connect with you.

Two. She looks away abruptly and interrupts repeatedly when you speak.
If you know you haven’t offended her, then why does she feel the need to look away and avoid the conversation? Almost anything can set a troubled mind off, if this is what is happening often, then you will definitely want to take a clue and distance yourself from this person. Difficult women, or the argumentative type, will not let you communicate anything that might sound like advice, deeply personal, political, or spiritual. They can be very disrespectful when turning their faces away while you are trying to make a point.

Three. She ignores or avoids opportunities for physical contact.
This is a clear indication that she doesn’t want to really talk or be around you, but she is tolerating you because you may have paid for a meal, bought her something nice, or offered her something else. However, if her mind is made up that there will be no physical contact, then there isn’t anything you can do, without getting into trouble, but to respect her wishes. If she repeatedly does this, stop asking her out.

Four. She finds others to talk to when she should be conversing with you.
You may have invited her to a few social events, and consistently she chooses to talk to everyone but you. You feel left out and at times are jealous that she seems to show her best side in front of others, but rarely with you. This is also a good sign that she is not into you.

Five. Her face looks sad, worried, unhappy or afraid when around you.
Most often a man who is with a woman who doesn’t look happy around him, may have said or done something far too many times that angered her. When this happens, there isn’t much you can do but communicate, apologize, and not commit the offending behavior again. Yet, if you keep doing the things that about upsetting her, then it won’t be long before she is talking about breaking up.

Six. She doesn’t act appreciative about the things you do or give her.
The more you do, the less she thanks you, returns a favor, or says anything positive to you about your actions. Stop doing nice things and begin to distance yourself. If she starts acting interested in you again, then there is a good possibility that it isn’t you that she wants, but what you can give her.

When you notice negative behavior that just doesn’t seem to go away with the young woman when you two are together, begin to withdraw. Don’t try to save the young woman from whatever ails her, because chances are, you just might be part of the reason, if not the main one, why she is no longer showing interest in dating.