Being a single grown up man is not easy. But making a long marriage work isn’t easy neither. These two obvious observations can maybe start to explain why every day more and more men opt for a relationship with a younger woman. Since the age difference in a relationship isn’t judged so negatively anymore, people can freely choose a partner that makes them feel happy. But men are also famous for their love for challenges and for being strong and resolute. It looks like the reasons of this growing trend are not as easy as expected. Then why are young ladies so special and attractive for older men? What do they have to offer that elder women haven’t?

One of the most common affirmation of men that have taken this decision is that young women make them feel younger. When a man becomes forty or fifty, he often starts worrying about his age and feeling the necessity to behave like he were younger. Instead of choosing a woman of a certain age, which is probably scared and troubled too, a man has the opportunity of dating a cheerful girl. Young ladies are lighthearted and serene and they still see the world in a positive and hopeful way; they aren’t disenchanted yet and they enable their man to experience a second youth.

But a young woman doesn’t just make a man feel better, she actually makes him healthier. Trying to be sexy and charming to capture her attention, a man dedicate much more time to himself. He usually starts to play sports or to go jogging, and he thinks more about what could be damaging for his body. According to a recent study of the “Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research” being in a relationship with a younger woman makes men live up to 20% longer than men whose partners are equal in age.

Younger women are also really appreciated by older men because of their energy and vitality. They are full of interests and they wish to see and experience as much as possible. If a man is bored and can’t take his routine anymore, a young lady is exactly what he needs. She will bring some sunlight in his grey life and he will starts smiling and being exited again.

Finally, one of the main reasons why men want to date girls is certainly their beauty. They make men shudder with their fresh, solid bodies and it doesn’t matter if they have just waked up or they are sweating in the gym: they are always sexy. Dating a young woman is good for a man’s sexual activity but at the same time it makes his self-esteem grow: when he succeeds and he gets the lady of his dreams, a man feels strong and powerful, and being loved by a hot young girl makes him feel sexy and proud of himself.