Where can I date younger girls? – Dating Younger Women: Tips for Mature Gentlemen

You capture their attention, you make them laugh, and you don’t look your age, you are an amiable man with much to offer. Therefore, it isn’t a challenge when you have such positive attributes to meet women, but it can be a challenge to stay in a relationship with one particularly if she is younger.

Women appreciate men who respect them, acknowledge their capabilities, and compliment them. A young woman lacking in confidence wants to know that her man sincerely likes and loves her. Yet, too often men assume that dates should know they are into them, so they refrain from saying the kinds of things that make these women feel wanted. Whenever the opportunity arises to compliment your Sweetheart, do it!

Since young women are still impressionable, they will watch for signs that a date is honest in what he is saying and doing; however, if she detects dishonesty that might be a greenlight for her to act just as dishonest.

Lying about one’s age
For whatever reason, a young woman or an older man might lie about his or her age. When this happens and truth is later discovered, one’s personal view about the person might change even when he or she insists that it doesn’t matter. The age gap will come up in one’s mind during times of trial, when others bring it to one’s attention, and when health and other personal challenges remind a date, he or she is very much different from me.

If she is young, she doesn’t want nor need to be reminded of this.

How does the young woman really make you feel? Is there more to being with her besides sex and attending events together? If so, then share feelings, show interest, and do things for her that convince her you sincerely want her in your life.

Her feelings
It happens sometimes, a man or woman wants so badly to make a relationship work, but it just doesn’t. Do you know how she sincerely feels about you? Beware of the actress who insists that she loves you when in fact, she just likes you and loves what you do for her.

Online dating
Are you representing yourself well? Some men post younger looking photos and exaggerate or lie about who they are and what they want in a woman. They do these things in the hopes that they can lure a fantasy, rather than reality. Take the time to share what you want in a relationship and what you are willing to give. Don’t misrepresent yourself when you know that, for example, you are married, have children, and enjoy watching TV more than anything else when you have free time. It is only a matter of time when truth will be discovered and when it comes, it will create a firestorm of arguments. Know that good times won’t last for long.

Friends with Benefits
Sometimes people will treat an offline dating opportunity in the same way that they would approach an online dating one, but there are differences. It is more acceptable to allude to the possibility of a “friends with benefits” kind of relationship online, but in-person, that doesn’t go over too well most of the time. Most people want the opportunity to get to know a person. They want to converse about themselves, ask questions about dates, go places together, and learn about personal interests. Don’t run a woman a way because you are all-too-ready to have sex with a stranger.

Young women who are not interested in dating older men will give off signs. It is up to the mature men to take heed. Some signs would include:
1. She looks away when approached or avoids talking.
2. Her eyes aren’t focused on you or the conversation you are having with her.
3. She doesn’t respond to flirting attempts.
4. She rejects an invitation to go out on a date.
5. She boldly tells you she isn’t interested.
6. She asks you not to touch her.

When this sort of behavior happens between young women and some pushy older men; rather than be polite and walk away, moments become intense and both parties are left feeling uncomfortable — no means no even if there is a possibility she might change her mind.