Older Men Dating Younger Women – Age Difference

If you have dated young women in the past, then you know the pros and cons when it comes to dating them. You might have asked yourself during down moments, “Why do I bother?” From societal opposition during some outings to age difference challenges, it can be difficult at times to date younger.

So why bother? According to a variety of dating sites, some older men explain they are drawn to a young woman’s energy, beauty, and desire to learn new things, so for them, these things are more meaningful than settling down with someone just because she is the same age or older. Other older, single and divorced men enjoy the company of younger companions, because they are simply bored with women their own age. Whatever the draw might be for some mature gentlemen toward young women, some are much happier than other men in their 30s plus.

Being intimate with another human being is what many lonely people desire. A mature man who has broken up with a girlfriend or lost a partner through death may want to become affectionate with someone in time. He may not have any particular woman in mind. However, a young, beautiful woman who has taken interest in the older fellow has created an open invitation for the man to ask her out on a date. Age typically doesn’t become a factor until differing opinions, habits, and history come up in conversation.

Bad Relationship History
Some older men use young women to escape a long history of bad relationships or to distract them from existing ones. These young women take them back to a time in their lives where they felt much happier, youthful, and excited about living.

Love at First Sight
When a man who hasn’t experienced being in love for many years stumbles across a woman who makes his heart sing, age is nothing but a number in his eyes. He doesn’t face the reality of his decision-making until a parent threatens to put him in jail for dating his or her daughter, a young woman calls him, “Old man…” or a friend questions, “What are you doing dating her?”

Childish men who refuse to grow up enjoy dating women who are like them. Since most young women are still immature, an older man with a boyish personality and lifestyle will seek out women who are just as silly, irresponsible, or even downright crazy as he.

Make an Ex and Friends Jealous
For some older men, they desire to appear as if they are doing much better in life and have found someone “better than the last one.” A man in need of attention will date the gorgeous, young woman, who may not like him very much, but love his money, just to show his ex and friends that he can still lure what he wants, even if his looks can’t.

Although some reasons are obvious as to why an older man would be interested in dating a young woman, others are not so direct. When dating anyone, know why this person truly wants to be with you before things get serious.