Dating Young Women – Personal Challenges Some Have

When dating a young woman, an older man will want to think ahead about issues that might widen the age gap between him and his date. What the mature man may not expect, from what he deems is an equally mature, young woman, just might determine how much longer the pair will date.

There are problems that many young women face, because of societal influences on the way they should look, behave, and what they are expected to accomplish during the course of their lives ie.) good job, marriage, and children. However, some women are not mentally equipped to handle such pressure anytime too soon. Sometimes they seek mature, responsible men to alleviate their stress, but are often disappointed when they learn, that like them, they have their share of personal challenges as well.

A young woman may have one of the four following problems or all of them plus more. It is up to her date to find out whether he can handle dating a woman who is quite candid about her issues and possibly complain much about them.

1. Appearance
The young lady may take a few minutes or many hours with her appearance. She might speak aloud about her flaws while expecting her date’s money and compliments to enhance her sense of well-being. It can be difficult to date a young woman with self-esteem issues, because she often needs to be reminded that she looks okay, that you love her, and enjoy spending time with her.

2. Fear
Although she may not have any obvious fears, the young woman may have personal issues with things like: being out in the public, nervous about intimacy, scared of being out at night, and real worries about things that go bump in the night or crawl. Whatever her fears, it is sure to make the hair on one’s neck stand up if caught off guard. Some women also worry much about being rejected, more to follow on this topic.

3. Abandonment/Rejection
From childhood issues to a past emotional break up, feelings of rejection are real and stick with many people for their lifetimes. She may have gotten over painful memories until certain phrases or behaviors triggered them all back up again. Whatever the source of her unsolved angst, a date will want to strongly consider friendship over being one’s lover. Rejected people, who have yet to deal with past problems, come with much baggage including: insecurity, jealousy, quick tempers, and intimacy difficulties.

4. Abuse
Emotional, physical, and sexual abuses are prevalent in many young women’s lives. They are typically running away from someone or something when they rush into a relationship or pressure a date into a commitment. They desire to live lives of peace, love and happiness, but don’t quite know how to go about achieving these things patiently.

A woman who has yet to free herself from the pain of the past is going to be a challenge to date. There will be those awkward moments that will come up where you will not know what to say or do. She might accuse you of acting like someone from her past and may become easily irritated over the little things you say or do. When you notice a formerly abused young woman is quick to become angry, has little patience, often moody, and you tend to act similar, you might want to think twice about pursuing a serious relationship with her until you and she can get some help.

Although most young women are nice, active, and caring individuals, one will want to spend much time learning about a particular love interest’s personal challenges. If she should reveal major concerns about parents, heart-wrenching stories of her past, or issues with trust, mood disorders or a reliance on medicines or other substances, be prepared to have a relationship with many highs and lows until she is able to better manage her problems. Take the time to suggest some sources of help.