Characteristics of an Emotionally Unavailable Young Woman

Her mind is on the money she owes, the man she has been in a relationship with for years, the children that take up much of her time, a stressful job, and busybody relatives and friends. It isn’t any wonder that she has any time to date a mature, rich man, yet she tries anyway.

Some available mature bachelors just don’t recognize or choose to ignore the signs when it comes to dating young women who are emotionally unavailable. They attempt to make a square peg fit into a round hole when in relationships with these women. The angry, depressed, stressed, bitter, yet beautiful young lady can be any man’s worst nightmare. So how does one know whether a woman is emotionally available or not?

Dates others, has a boyfriend
The mature man may desire a serious relationship free of past boyfriends, current dates, and others, but the young woman is more concerned about protecting these relationships. She lets her date know, in so many words, she isn’t interested in a committed relationship with him. Despite warnings from this man that he will end the relationship because he wants monogamy, the young woman keeps right on dating other men. She has made it clear she is not interested in committing to just one man, no matter how much money, time and gifts he gives her.

Avoids in-depth conversation
Her older date attempts to probe into her personal life, but is met with answers that are vague. She provides no detail as to what she really wants from him or a relationship. She prefers to keep her conversations simple and avoids all conversation that causes her to think deeply about personal decision-making, emotions and other things that most people in relationships would find important.

Doesn’t know what she wants in a man
Years of abuse, unresolved issues with an ex, and whatever other problems the young woman has, when asked if she even wants to continue to date, she acts nonchalantly. She doesn’t bother to talk about her specific dating preferences.

Often busy
Her mind is elsewhere whenever she meets her date. She talks of her job, hobbies, career aspirations, places she has visited, and the things she does for others, but rarely has much time to truly get to know her date. It is obvious that her head is elsewhere, because at times she stares off into space while her date talks to her and repeatedly asks him to re-tell his stories.

Puts limits on the relationship
The young woman doesn’t permit the relationship to evolve. If she feels as if the man is getting too close or emotions are beginning to grow, she finds ways to prevent feelings from being expressed. She turns down certain gifts that she believes her date might expect something in return if she accepts them.

Schedules phone calls, trips and other things
Everything she does is on a schedule and she has little time or patience for anything to occur out of the ordinary. Her tight schedule keeps her from developing any strong emotional ties to her gentleman suitor. It also is a good sign that she is seeing someone or others in addition to the one she is with. So with little time to spare, she can’t afford to run over time. She also may not vacation, despite not having any children, because those who are unaware that she is seeing someone will wonder where she has gone.

A woman who still has a deep connection to an ex, going through a grief process, or overwhelmed with life responsibilities is not going to make a good partner. For her world is consumed with everything and everyone, but with the one who is willing to show her love and be attentive to her needs.